Handy Tools for Writers

The Writing Platform Team

The Writing Platform team has compiled a list of handy tools available to writers online. The list includes tools to help with everything from planning and collaborating to building interactive and multimedia stories and publishing and selling your work. To view the list follow this link: Online Tools for Writers We’re keen to hear about the… Read more »


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Why Print Still Matters in the Digital Age

Anna Lewis is an online publishing community and social-sharing site for book-lovers which helps self-published writers to publish quality print editions at competitive prices. We spoke to Anna Lewis, co-founder of Completely Novel, about why print is still important in the digital age. – Are print books still relevant for independent authors? With eBook sales on the… Read more »



Why Every Writer Needs A Group

Molly Flatt

“Writing, at its best, is a lonely life,” said Ernest Hemingway, whose idea of a great social life involved a remote cabin, dead animals, and the bottom of a brandy glass. “Organizations for writers palliate the writer’s loneliness but I doubt if they improve his writing.” Isaac Asimov – a self-confessed claustrophile whose greatest childhood wish, according to his autobiography,… Read more »

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A Poetry Inspired Animation

Liam Owen

An email exchange between Stevie Ronnie and Liam Owen reflecting on the making of Four Years from Now, Walking with My Daughter. An animation by Liam Owen inspired by Stevie Ronnie’s poem of the same name. SR: So Liam, you’re not a big reader of poetry. What made you think about making an animation from my poem?… Read more »