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How To Storybird

Molly O'Neill

Storybird is a publishing platform and community based around visual storytelling. We curate illustrations from artists around the world and let anyone use them as the inspiration for original picture books, poems, or long-form, serialized stories. This simple premise inspires a constant loop of creation, consumption, and conversation for the millions of kids and creatives… Read more »


7 Mistakes Self-Published Authors Make

Miral Sattar

The book publishing industry is going through a huge transition. It’s easier than ever to get a book out into the world. All the resources you need to publish a book are available you and you no longer need to go through the traditional gatekeepers (publishers) to publish a quality book. Because it’s so easy… Read more »


5 Examples of Transmedia Storytelling and Activism

Donna Hancox

At the start of the year our Australian Project Editor, Donna Hancox, wrote a piece for us on Transmedia Storytelling and Social Change; describing how digital technology has provided certain communities and activists with the means to quickly create and widely disseminate stories. To follow on from this she has written up 5 examples of this… Read more »



Cracking the German Book Market

Barbara Thiele

Germany is the second largest market in Europe after the UK for books in English. Barbara Thiele, Chief Product Officer at Berlin-based print and ebook publishing platform, epubli, gives us the lowdown on the German market and offers  her top tips for writers hoping to crack it. 5 things to know about German readers and the German… Read more »


live writing

Live Writing Series

David Varela

Someone suggests a theme – perhaps the way a person’s tone shifts when talking about a loved one – and Daljit Nagra instantly writes a poem, keystroke by keystroke. the warmth o- f a blush on his eve- r so lightly altered voice The words appear on two large projector screens in the Royal Festival… Read more »